A downloadable game for Windows

Developed using SRPG Studio. An entry to the 14th Free Game Contest hosted by Freem!.


Ruviere is being challenged by Nilorn for a battle race. Can he win?


Complete the objectives as shown in the objective menu of battle preparation. The gameplay is similar to that of Fire Emblem series. You may save during battle preparation, after a map is complete or during start of every turn's player phase.

Special Thanks

SRPG Studio Discord

SRPG愛好家ディスコード Discord


Fan Games

I welcome fan games subjected to the following rules: 1. Use only SRPG Studio (Steam edition or DLSite edition is fine).

2. If you are titling the resulting game with Battle Race Madness with it, please indicated in a way that shows that this is not the official Battle Race Madness game.

3. Only completely freeware releases allowed.

Install instructions

1. Extract the .zip file

2. Open game.exe

3. Enjoy


BattleRaceMadness105.zip 105 MB

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